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Creating the right residential heating and cooling systems for you and your family is the key to long-lasting enjoyment and comfort.


Find Your Comfort Level. Patriot Heating & Cooling will help find the right residential heating and cooling systems for you by conducting a thorough home comfort analysis. This preliminary and integral step sets the stage for your residential heating and cooling system. Patriot will perform a load calculation to determine the capacity and capabilities of your current system and what needs to be done to ensure it is working optimally for your home. If a new system is needed, we will use this information to find the optimal solution for your home.


Affordable Matchmaking. Matching the right system for you and your home affords you the greatest efficiency, reliability and comfort. Based on your home comfort analysis, Patriot Mechanical Heating & Cooling can tell you which application is best for your needs and most affordable for your budget.


Find the Perfect Balance. If your home is too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer, turn to American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s line of humidifiers, variable-speed furnaces and Comfort-R technology for the perfect balance.


Be the Master of Your Domain. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your personal comfort. From programmable thermostats to our AccuLink™ Communicating System, our products work smarter to give you complete control over the climate in your home, no matter what’s going on outside. You can also connect your thermostat to a Nexia™ home automation solution, giving you greater control of your home’s comfort even when you’re on the go.

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Being part of the Ingersoll Rand family means we aspire to be sustainable every single day. We create smarter solutions for our customers that improve their lives and our environment, including many that advance sustainable business practices. All of our sustainable heating, air conditioning and other home products and services help customers reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, we work every day to reduce the energy footprint of our own operations. After all, being smart about energy consumption affects more than just our generation.


Visit Ingersoll Rand's Sustainability site for an overview of our economic, environmental and social performance. In addition to viewing our annual sustainability report, you can find up-to-date information on our progress toward becoming a more sustainable company, the products and solutions we provide to help our customers meet their sustainability goals, details on how we can help you attain Green Building Certification, and tips on how you can make a difference, too.