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Before you call Patriot Heating & Cooling for HVAC repairs, take a look at our basic troubleshooting guide. You may be able to take care of common furnace issues yourself, saving you money on a service call.

Helpful tips to diagnose your furnace problems

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Any time you have furnace problems, the very first thing to check is the thermostat. Make sure it's set above room temperature and at “heat.” Also, turn the fan switch to "on." If the fan doesn’t turn on, your furnace may not be receiving power or its motor may be broken.



A dirty filter can cause your furnace to stop working. How often you change your filter will depend on the specific type of furnace, the type of filter, and your lifestyle.


Replace your old filter with a new one and then wait 30 minutes before hitting the reset button. If the unit still doesn’t start, try the reset button once again, and wait 30 more minutes. Ensure that your furnace door is attached property after changing the filter, since this can prevent the furnace from starting.


Is the furnace on?

Double-check that your furnace and furnace switch are turned on. Check the breaker in your electrical panel, and if the breaker was tripped, examine it for loose connections prior to turning it back on. The furnace switch is usually located in the basement, either near the furnace, by the basement stairs, or in the ceiling.


Pilot light

If your furnace has a standing pilot light, make sure it’s lit. You should be able to confirm this by opening the combustion chamber door. If it’s out, follow the furnace lighting instructions and re-light it.


Look for blockage

Once you’ve checked all of the above, see if any debris, like snow, ice, weed, or grass, are blocking your furnace's venting.


Blower fan

Not every furnace has a power button for the blower fan, but if yours does, check to make sure

it’s on.


If you’ve followed our furnace system checker suggestions and your unit still isn’t working, contact Patriot Heating & Cooling right away for repairs.

Your furnace symptom checklist

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